777 Slot with the Best Payout at Winning Casino Explained

September 29, 2023

The excitement of the 777 slot at Winning Casino is hard to miss. Boasting four distinct variations, these games capture the heart and soul of classic slots. They offer a nostalgic blend of land-based gameplay with a sprinkle of Las Vegas glamour.

The Four 777 Slots Are:

But what truly sets them apart? These slots entice with game features like free spins and the dream of hitting a progressive jackpot. With four intriguing choices, a burning question arises: which 777 Slot promises the best payout? Which one ups the ante on winning big?

Being part of Winning Casino is about more than just spinning reels. It’s a commitment to victory. And we’ve done our homework, analysing and comparing all four slots to present you with the ultimate answer. But be aware it’s not black and white.

What Do We Mean by Best Payout?

First things first: let us clear up some jargon. When we discuss payout in the context of play slots, we refer to the potential cash return. But it’s not just a random number. Factors like the slot’s volatility, paylines, and even grid layout play a part.

Now, how you bet and your approach to the 777 slot machine also affect your winnings. Given all these factors, it’s not just about picking any slot from Winning’s finest slot collection. It’s about analysing and comparing from an expert point of view.

Diving into the Analysis

It’s important to note we are not diving into odds here. Why? Because odds tie closely to the RNG of online slots. And honestly, there’s no magic formula to pinpoint exactly when or how often a casino slot will deliver that big win.

But here’s a tidbit worth noting: a slot with more paylines might up your chances of a payout, but it might also increase the risk. And if you’re eyeing longer play sessions without burning through your bankroll, a higher RTP is your friend. It means more chances to shoot for that big payout.

There’s more to the mechanics. So here’s a demonstration of all our four 777 slot mechanics and the key insights we’ve gleaned.

777 Diamonds
  • RTP: 94%
  • Layout: 5×3
  • Betting Range: 1 cent to 25 euros
  • Top Symbols: 777 (2,000x for 5) & Black Diamond (1,000x for 5)
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Paylines: Up to 25 adjustable paylines
  • Features: Up to 10 Free Spins based on scatter count, Gamble Feature to potentially double or quadruple wins
777 Mega Deluxe
  • RTP: Overall – 96.1% (Base Game: 72.53%, Free Spins: 23.57%)
  • Layout: 4×7
  • Betting Range: 20 cents to 20 euros
  • Top Symbols: Red 7 (31.75x for Full Gameboard) & Cherries, Lemon, BAR (all 25.40x for Full Gameboard)
  • Volatility: High
  • Paylines: 127 (highest win per payline only)
  • Features: Respin Insanity after wins, Bonus Spins with locked multipliers, Respin Insanity feature within Bonus Spins
777 Strike
  • RTP: 95.8%
  • Layout: 5×3
  • Betting Range: 10 cents to 50 euros
  • Top Symbols: Red 777 (77x for 5)
  • Volatility: Medium to High
  • Paylines: 10 fixed paylines
  • Features: Up to 21 guaranteed Win Spins with wilds, 2 Progressive Jackpots (Hourly and Super Jackpot)
777 Royal Wheel
  • RTP: 94.40%
  • Layout: 5×3
  • Betting Range: 25 cents to 75 euros
  • Top Symbols: Wild (12x for 5) & 777 (6x for 5)
  • Volatility: High
  • Paylines: 25 fixed paylines
  • Features: Respin on wins, Wild Wheel that randomly turns a symbol into a wild multiplier

Key Insights:

  • RTP: 777 Mega Deluxe leads with the highest RTP at 96.1%. However, the dip in RTP during Free Spins suggests that players should be cautious when expecting high payouts during that phase.
  • Paylines: 777 Mega Deluxe offers the most paylines with 127, providing more opportunities for wins. However, it only pays the highest win per payline.
  • Betting Range: 777 Strike has the most extensive betting range, from 10 cents up to 50 euros. Thus it accommodates both casual and high-stakes players.
  • Top Symbol Payouts: 777 Diamonds provides the largest potential payout of video slots with 2,000x the bet for five 777 symbols.
  • Features: Each casino game offers a variety of features. 777 Strike is unique with its progressive jackpots. 777 Diamonds provides a gamble feature to potentially multiply wins. 777 Mega Deluxe and 777 Royal Wheel both have respin features, but the latter also includes the Wild Wheel.


After diving into our analysis, it’s clear that picking a singular 777 Slot with the best payout isn’t quite possible. Each slot has its strengths and weaknesses. It might be disappointing, but that’s the fun part of slot games.

If you’re all about the RTP, then 777 Mega Deluxe should be your top choice. For those seeking varied betting options, 777 Strike is a solid bet.

However, if you’re chasing that big win from just one spin, 777 Diamonds is the way to go. It offers a huge payout for landing five 777 symbols. In the end, the best slot depends on what you’re looking for.

777 Slots FAQs

Which of the four 777 slots has the highest payout?

For a massive win with a single spin, 777 Diamonds tops the list with a 2,000x return for five 777 symbols. But if you’re looking for the overall highest payout, 777 Strike is your jackpot slots pick. It offers an uncapped progressive jackpot.

How can I predict if any of the discussed slots will pay out?

In fact, you cannot. Predicting odds or outcomes is impossible. Every game at Winning Casino, including the 777 slots, relies on RNG, making each spin completely random.

Do staff at Winning Casino know when slots will hit?

Absolutely not. The slots use algorithms ensuring each spin’s outcome is random. If staff at Winning Casino know the outcomes in advance, it’d mean rigged games.