Jogo do Bicho Online: A Comprehensive Guide

July 3, 2024

Jogo do Bicho, or Animal Lottery, is a fascinating game deeply rooted in Brazilian culture. Launched by BGaming in 2019, Jogo do Bicho online brings the spirited warmth of Rio de Janeiro to players’ screens worldwide. This game has quickly captured the attention of many players, blending traditional elements with exciting new features.

At its core, Jogo do Bicho is a game of chance where players guess the draw of chosen animals or numbers. Its online version retains the charm of the traditional game while adding unique aspects that set it apart. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, understanding these elements can enhance your gaming experience.

In this guide, we will explore the rules, mechanics, types of bets, and paytable of Jogo do Bicho online. We’ll also discuss why this game is a worthy addition to your Winning Casino games experience. By the end, you’ll be ready to play Jogo do Bicho online for free or real money, armed with the knowledge to succeed.

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An Overview of Jogo do Bicho Online

Jogo do Bicho online is an evolution of the traditional jogo do bicho. A Rio nobleman Baron João Batista Viana Drummond created the original game in 1892. It began as a fun game at the Rio de Janeiro Zoo in Vila Isabel, reflecting Brazil’s lively culture. But it also aimed to fund his private zoo. 

Unfortunately, by 1941, the game faced a ban because of connections with organised crime in Brazil. Since then it became one of the forbidden games in Brazil and the ban remains to this day. 

BGaming recognized this cultural icon and introduced an online version in 2019. With RNG mechanics, a 94% RTP, and sharp graphics, Jogo do Bicho online mirrors slot machines in many aspects. However, when you bet on the jogo do bicho, it feels like a lottery, where you eagerly match chosen numbers with the draw. 

But here’s a catch: Jogo do Bicho online is not just a lottery or slot game. It stands for its unique game genre. Rules might seem perplexing initially, but be sure it’s simple, and you’ll understand the game in no time.

How Jogo do Bicho Online Works

Jogo do Bicho features 25 distinct animals, which represent the original Rio Zoo animals of the late 19th century. Each animal holds a fixed spot, and every one of the 25 has unique numbers. The game groups animals’ numbers in twos, ranging from 01 to 00. Additionally, for each animal, four groups of numbers are visible. 

For example, the Ostrich always takes the first spot with numbers 01-02-03-04. Following the Ostrich, the Eagle occupies the second spot, with numbers 05-06-07-08. The Donkey comes in the third spot, with 09-10-11-12 numbers. This pattern continues for all animals.

Jogo do Bicho animals

You would place your bets on these animals and their associated numbers. And you will see an instant draw for each round of the game. The amount of bets and results depends on your play style. You can opt for easy or advanced mode, but remember that the outcome is purely random. 

Key Game Components

The 25 cartoon animals occupy the centre’s screen. Unlike slot games, they are not just for display. Instead, you get to pick your animals by clicking on the spots.

On the screen’s right, you can see your picks and bet types from the current round. Once the round ends, the board resets, awaiting your new selections.

On the screen’s left, five wooden boxes reveal the drawn animals and four random numbers. Remember, the first box offers the highest payout. Surprisingly, the same animal and number might appear in multiple boxes.

The bottom bar is a control panel. You can determine your bets and let the game get into action. Besides, you can see your balance. While on the top bar, you can control the type of bets you place.

How to Start Playing Jogo do Bicho Online

As you select Jogo do Bicho Online, the first step after the game launches is choosing your bet’s value and type. Use the game’s top and bottom panels to do this. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Set the Value of a Bet

If you choose Euro, the betting range starts at 20 cents and can go up to 100 euros. Adjust the value using the < or > symbols. Once you max out your bet, the > symbol gets disabled. Conveniently, you can see your balance in the bottom-left corner.

2. Set the Type of a Bet

After settling on a bet value, you’ll decide on the type of online betting. You can bet on either animals or numbers. We’ll delve deeper into these options later. However, it’s noteworthy that betting on animals is simpler for beginners than numbers.

3. Hit Play

With your bet type decided, press the ‘Play‘ button in the large wooden circle at the bottom panel’s centre. Upon doing so, animals will start coming out from the five boxes on the left. If any animals or numbers align with your choices, you’re in for a cash reward! The prize amount depends on your bet type and the matching animal or number’s position.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll break down the various bets you can place. Please read on to gain the full picture.

Jogo do Bicho Game Mechanics

Drawing inspiration from slot machines, its mechanics unfold at a relaxed pace. Thus it allows players the luxury to strategize and relish every move. But keep an eye on its different betting types and modes to get the most out of the game.

Types and Modes of Bets

At the core of Jogo do Bicho online are two distinct betting modes: animals and numbers. Animals are the easy mode, while numbers are an advanced mode.

When betting on animals, players can choose anywhere from one to five animals. Meanwhile, for number bets, you pick a combination of two to four numbers. These numbers match the last digits linked with the animals. 

You have two main betting modes:

  1. Betting on animals. 
  2. Betting on numbers associated with animals.

For animal betting mode, there are five sub-categories:

  • Simple: Focus on a single animal. 
  • Double: Choose two animals. 
  • Triple: Select three animals. 
  • Quadra: Opt for four animals. 
  • Penta: A combination of five animals.

For number betting, after selecting ‘Advanced’, the game presents you with three types:

  • Tens: Highlight the last 2 numbers. 
  • Hundreds: Target the final 3 numbers. 
  • Thousands: Represent the entire number combination.

Other Betting Modes

For players who love surprises, the Random Mode is a treat, and it appears on the bottom panel. This mode picks animals or numbers based on whether you choose advanced or animals.

Additionally, if you find a combination that resonates with your strategy, you can lock in your selection. This ensures your bets remain consistent until you reset them on the display screen.

94% Return to Player (RTP)

Jogo do Bicho online boasts a decent RTP of 94%. This means you can confidently bet on Jogo do Bicho for extended sessions, knowing the house edge is moderate. However, always play responsibly and be mindful of your budget.

Deciphering the Draw

To master Jogo do Bicho Online, understanding payouts is crucial. Below, we present tables detailing expected payouts based on your chosen bet type. 

The “(x)” denotes a multiplier. To determine potential winnings, multiply your bet by the respective payout multiplier.

Bets On Animals:

Type of betDrawPayout
Simple1st positionx12
Another positionx3
Double1st and 2nd positionx95
2 animals in other positionsx12
One winning animalx1
Triple1st, 2nd and 3rd positionx700
3 animals in other positionsx42
2 winning animalsx3
One winning animalx0,75
Quadra1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positionx4000
4 animals in other positionsx500
3 winning animalsx22
2 winning animalsx1,5
One winning animalx0,2
Penta1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positionx17000
4 animals in other positionsx150
3 winning animalsx8
2 winning animalsx1
One winning animalx0,2

In this type of game, the ‘Penta’ bet with all 5 correct animals offers a whopping x17000 your bet. And, this is the most significant potential win! Different bet types have varying payouts for correct animals. For instance, one correct animal in ‘Double’ returns your bet (x1). In ‘Triple’, it returns 75% of your bet (x0.75).

Bets On Numbers:

Type of betDrawPayout
Tens1st positionx50
Another positionx7
One winning animalx1
Hundreds1st positionx500
Another positionx60
One winning animalx1
Thousands1st positionx5000
Another positionx600
One winning animalx1

For number bets, the highest payout is x5000 your bet for all 4 correct numbers in the first position. Regardless of the combination, choosing any winning animal ensures a return on your bet, acting as a safety net.

Understanding Other Features

In the bottom right corner of Jogo do Bicho online, a handy feature displays your bet history. After each round, the ‘Play’ button transitions to ‘Rebet‘. This allows for a quick repeat of previous bets. 

If you ever feel the need to reset your selections on the draw board, the ‘Clear‘ option is your go-to. The ‘Lock‘ button, meanwhile, memorises your bets. This setting persists until you clear, unlock, or modify bets.

Jogo do Bicho Online Theme

Jogo do Bicho Online revives the fascinating history of Vila Isabel and Drummond’s dreamed zoo entrance. Players can see cartoon animals jumping out of boxes, just like in the old stories. The game is full of crisp graphics in 3D dimensions, providing an immersive experience.

These animals aren’t just for looks. They move around, aiming to give you lots of fun and chances to win cash prizes.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, you’re now well-equipped with everything you need to know about Jogo do Bicho online. This online casino game is straightforward with a calming pace, yet it never compromises on excitement. Its charm, reminiscent of days gone by, remains undiminished. 

Do you consider giving it a shot? Winning Casino stands out as one of the top sites to play Jogo do Bicho online. Beyond the game itself, it’s one of the few sites that offer generous bonuses to all its patrons.


What is Jogo do Bicho online?

A beloved gambling genre in Brazil since 1892, Jogo do Bicho online came out in 2019. Its immense popularity has made it a global success. It shares some similarities with slots and lottery, but it has unique rules and mechanics of its own.

Is Jogo do Bicho online the same as the traditional game? 

While the online version retains the essence of the traditional game, it’s slightly different. It introduces unique twists and features and offers nice graphics and payouts.

How similar is the Jogo do Bicho to the lottery? 

Jogo do Bicho shares similarities with lotteries, especially in the randomness of the draw and the excitement it brings. However, its instant results, vibrant graphics, and distinct rules make it a unique type of game.

Do I need to open an account to play real money Jogo do Bicho?

Absolutely. For those eager to dive into the real money version, you’ll first need an account. If you’re an existing member, simply sign in. 

For new players, the process is a breeze. Click on ‘Registration’, provide your email, and choose your preferred currency. After email verification and your initial deposit, you’re all set to enjoy Jogo do Bicho online.

Are there any bonuses available to claim before playing Jogo do Bicho?

Certainly! Winning Casino rolls out the red carpet with a generous welcome bonus upon registration. But that’s not all, as you’ll automatically join the VIP Program. As you climb through different levels, enticing perks await at each level.

Is the house edge high when playing Jogo do Bicho online?

Rest assured, at Winning Casino, the house edge is quite reasonable. The RTP of Jogo do Bicho is 94%, which is quite decent.