How to Unblock Winning With a Secure VPN While Abroad

July 7, 2023

Did you try to access Winning Casino abroad, only to find it’s not possible? Often, the main reason is geoblocking, fueled by fragmented laws on online gambling and government censorship. However, there’s an efficient way to bypass these restrictions, allowing you to play on Winning freely.

It’s about using secure VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to easily unlock Winning Casino. They work by rerouting your internet traffic and wrapping it in an encrypted cloak. Thus, you appear to be playing on our site from a country with no restrictions.

But what criteria determine the optimal VPN for gaming? How can you establish and utilize it to unblock Winning? Above all, understanding the true function of VPNs is crucial. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing Winning Casino securely from anywhere in the world.

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VPNs Primary Functions

In essence, VPNs serve the following three primary functions to protect your personal data and online activity:

They Conceal Your IP Address To Bypass Geographic And Network Restrictions.

They do so by providing a virtual location rather than revealing your actual location. Thus, any online activity you engage in remains untraceable. However, your VPN provider can see your original IP address, thus you need to choose a trustworthy one.

VPNs Encrypt Your Connection

Thereby securing your data privacy, like your credit card details, if you’re using regular currency over cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re on an unsecured public Wi-Fi and use a VPN your online activity stays private. In other words, no one sharing the network can track you.

VPNs Are Able To Unblock Websites

It’s particularly pertinent to this article. With a VPN you can easily unblock sites like Winning Casino in restricted countries.

You now have a basic understanding of a secure VPN’s importance for accessing Winning Casino. Let’s proceed to the practical aspects.

Selecting the Right VPN Provider for Gaming

Choosing a VPN can feel like a maze with its highly competitive market and constant new features. Therefore, it’s vital to understand how to select the correct VPN service for your gaming experience. Here are the main factors to consider for your secure VPN selection:

Stable Connection

A constantly updated and maintained VPN app is what you should be looking for. Few things are more frustrating than software issues interrupting your gaming sessions.

It can be challenging to assess a VPN’s stability before actually testing it on your device. However, you can make an informed decision by checking user reviews and performance metrics. Look at online platforms like TechRadar, PC Magazine, CNET, and Wirecutter by New York Times for a comprehensive VPN review. These platforms can give you insights into which VPNs likely have stable connections.

Trustworthiness of the Provider

Essentially, you should opt for a VPN tool from a provider with a solid reputation. For instance, check Google Trends to see which provider is the most searched for worldwide or in a specific country.

Check out these VPN apps that gained a lot of interest in the past 12 months on Google Trends

VPN Speed

Having a secure VPN that doesn’t increase ping or lag times is crucial. Imagine playing live poker online, where the server needs to quickly process your actions. High ping times (say 300 ms) could lead to noticeable delays. However, with lower ping times (like 30 ms), your actions would be almost immediate, and that’s what you need.

Proximity to the VPN servers also plays a role. If the VPN server is distant or the VPN service quality isn’t top-notch, you may experience high ping or lag. However, the reviews of other VPN users are your best bet before actually using it.

Security Standards of a VPN

When selecting a VPN, opt for one that explicitly states it doesn’t log your online activity. You can find this assurance in the provider’s terms of use. Now, for those into tech specifics, checking the VPN’s encryption level can be interesting.

Most providers will mention their VPN protocol, such as:

  • OpenVPN: A secure and modern option, favored due to its open-source nature.
  • L2TP/IPSec: Known for its high level of online security.
  • PPTP: While older and faster, its security is less robust.
  • IKEv2: Extremely secure, but Android users may require third-party software.

All these protocols contribute to the grade encryption offered by your VPN.

VPN Server Locations

The number of servers and their locations offered by a VPN provider can vary. Some secure VPN providers may boast up to 5000 servers worldwide, while others have fewer, located in select countries. Your choice may depend on your home country and your travel plans.

More server locations generally provide greater freedom. When reviewing these, bear in mind that servers should ideally be in countries where Winning Casino is accessible. For example, check for countries like Norway, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Australia, and many more. Don’t forget to check our General Terms for a complete list of unrestricted and restricted countries.

DNS Leak Protection

Consider a DNS (Domain Name System) akin to a directory for the internet. You input a web address, such as, and a DNS server translates it into an IP address, like Your device uses this IP address to link to the website, which is a DNS query.

Typically, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) operates these DNS servers. But, when you use a VPN with DNS leak protection, your ISP can’t see your Winning Casino visit.

You now know how to choose a secure VPN that fits your needs. You understand which ones enhance your gaming experience. In the next section, we examine the process of setting it up and accessing Winning.

A Step-By-Step Guide on Using a VPN to Unblock Winning

VPN applications typically come in user-friendly formats. All you need to do is download and install them. Once installed and activated, you can conveniently access Winning Casino from anywhere and at any given moment. Thus you would no longer see the following message:

Let’s walk you through on how to circumvent this message and unblock Winning:

Step 1: Download and Install the VPN

First, visit the legitimate website of the VPN tool you’ve chosen. You can locate a download link for the application there. Remember, VPN tools have versions for various systems, like Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen VPN is compatible with your device.

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate version, follow the installation procedure. This step is critical to prepare your device for a secure internet connection. With the VPN installed, you’re one step closer to unblocking Winning Casino.

Step 2: Set up the VPN

Once you’ve installed your secure VPN, it’s time to create an account. This is a necessary step, particularly if you’re opting for a premium VPN. Upon account creation, you can move on to configuring the VPN’s settings.

By default, the VPN may automatically select a server for you, typically optimized for speed. However, you can choose to manually select a specific server or protocol. This manual selection can be beneficial when traveling abroad, as you can select a server from your home country. This ensures constant access to Winning, even if you’re visiting multiple countries.

It’s essential to note that some countries and network connections block VPN apps but not VPN connections. Therefore, manual configuration can help you bypass restrictions even if the VPN app is blocked.

How To Configure A VPN Manually

Setting up a VPN manually might seem complex at first, but following these steps can help simplify the process. Initially, log in to your VPN account and locate the manual configuration section. There you can gather necessary information like server addresses, usernames, and passwords.

For mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, the steps are as follows:
1. Navigate to the settings menu.
2. On Android, opt for “Network & Internet,” or on iOS, choose “General.”
3. Proceed by selecting “VPN.”
4. Click on “Add VPN Configuration” or the plus symbol.
5. Choose your desired VPN protocol.
6. Input the details provided by your VPN service.
7. Save the settings and enable the VPN.
For laptops running Windows or macOS:
1. Head to the network settings.
2. Click on “VPN” then “Add a VPN Connection” on Windows or the plus symbol on macOS.
3. Enter the details from your VPN service.
4. Save the settings and enable the VPN.

Bear in mind, this process is necessary when you want to circumvent restrictions blocking VPN apps but not VPN connections. It’s also necessary if you’ve gained the ability to connect to a VPN server without the need for an app. Otherwise, the app can automatically manage these settings for you.

Step 3: Access Winning via VPN

Upon successful download, setup, and connection to a server, your configuration is now complete. With the VPN active in the background and your IP address changed, you now have unrestricted access to the internet. You’re free to enjoy your play at Winning without any additional steps on the site.

Using VPN to Unblock Winning Mobile App

Much like laptop usage, accessing Winning through an iPhone or Android device while traveling is common among our players. Whether you’re lounging at the beach or enjoying a pub visit, the secure VPN app remains indispensable.

Its download and setup on your mobile device are straightforward. Just ensure compatibility before you click the download link. You don’t need to take any additional steps.

Free vs Premium VPNs

It’s natural to contemplate whether to opt for a free or a paid VPN, however, this query needs a separate guide. In a nutshell, free VPNs typically offer fewer features such as missing a (Kill Switch). They also tend to be less secure and may mine user data. Moreover, they usually come with ads, which can be inconvenient.

On the other hand, before deciding to invest in a paid VPN, we recommend trying free trial VPN apps. This allows you to ensure the VPN aligns with your preferences and needs, ensuring you make an informed decision.

How to Avoid Suspicious VPN Tools

If you download a lesser-known VPN, your antivirus software may flag it as malicious. In such cases, halt the installation and review the antivirus notification. Should anything feel suspicious, do not proceed with that particular VPN app.

Additionally, certain VPN apps may request you to disable a firewall or accept unsigned drivers during setup. Understand that such actions could lead to severe security risks. Notably, reputable and secure VPNs rarely demand such compromises to your computer’s or personal safety.


This is all you need to know on how to unblock Winning using a secure VPN of your choice. Vacations are for enjoyment, and no one appreciates having their leisure time compromised.

To ensure seamless access to Winning, choose a reputable VPN provider offering stable connections and robust speeds. The VPN should also have a wide server network and include a DNS leak protection feature. The process of downloading and setting up the VPN is relatively simple. With these steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy constant access to Winning, irrespective of your location.


Is it safe to unblock Winning using VPN?

In most countries, the use of VPNs is perfectly legal, including in countries with stringent internet regulations, such as China. Therefore, it’s generally safe to access Winning using a VPN. However, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with local laws pertaining to VPN usage to ensure you’re in compliance.

What countries block Winning casino?

For information regarding countries that block Winning Casino, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

Can VPNs hide my location and IP address?

Absolutely, concealing your IP address and providing a virtual location are fundamental features of VPNs. This ensures your online activity remains untraceable.

How can I check if I’m protected by the VPN?

First, verify your original IP address without the VPN. Next, connect to the VPN and recheck your IP address, it should have changed. Lastly, use an online tool to ensure no DNS leaks are present.

How do I get a VPN for my smartphone?

First, choose a reputable VPN provider that supports mobile devices. Next, download and install the VPN app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). Lastly, follow the instructions to set up and connect to the VPN.

How can I unblock Winning on a Mac?

You need to choose a VPN compatible with macOS and download it. After the installation process, create an account or log in. Once the VPN is active, choose a server where Winning is accessible.