How to Play Crypto Crash Games: A Beginner’s Guide

June 25, 2024

Did the new genre of online gambling captivate you, and are you wondering how to play crypto crash games? If yes, then you’re certainly in the right place. These fresh types of online casino games have garnered immense attention, especially among those new to crypto gambling. If you fit this description, then this guide caters exclusively to you.

Crypto crash gambling mirrors online crypto trading. At its heart, it revolves around a leverage-like multiplier that keeps boosting your winnings. The challenge is to decide the exact moment to cash out before the crash. Wait too long, and you might lose your bet while failing to act will cause you to miss out on maximizing your returns.

You must be curious about how to play a crypto crash game and understand its components. But before placing your first bet, here is all the basic information to start your gambling experience on the right foot. So buckle up, and let us help you through your next online adventure.

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A Quick Overview of Crypto Crash Games

Ever since their debut in 2021, crypto crash games have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Originally tailored for crypto enthusiasts, they mirror the dynamics of crypto trading markets. Now, they’ve become a mainstay in online casinos, especially in renowned bitcoin and crypto platforms. Some operators even launched exclusive crash game sites promoting this exciting new genre.

The world of crash gambling games has notable developers leading the charge. Names like Spribe and Pragmatic Play stand out. Even though each game looks different, the core gameplay stays the same across all of them.

Crypto Crash Game Mechanics

Before diving deeper into how to play crypto crash games, it’s worth mentioning the games are typically 2D and straightforward. Some games operate on the provably fair system. This system uses blockchain tech to let you check game outcomes with server and client seeds. On the other hand, some games rely on RNGs to determine outcomes.

Just like other traditional casino games, Crash comes with a theoretical RTP. For instance, Space XY boasts a 97% RTP, while Spaceman offers 95%. But here’s a twist: Unlike slots, this RTP varies based on your play style. Risk-takers might get a lower RTP, while cautious players could get numbers closer to the advertised rate.

How to Play Crypto Crash Games Step-by-Step

Space XY crypto crash game

To learn how to play any crypto crash game, you only need to understand five simple steps. And unlike Blackjack or Poker, you don’t need to invest hours into studying complex rules.

For now, just remember: the bottom panel houses all your controls. The top panel gives you a peek into player bets and past-round statistics.

Once you get the hang of the steps below, you’ll realise that crypto crash games are a perfect entry to crypto casino gaming.

(1) Setting Your Bet

Once you boot up the game, you’ll spot a countdown. Crash games typically offer a brief 10-second window (sometimes even less) before each round starts.

During this time, you’ve got to set your bet amount by adding a number or using the (< and >) arrows. Do you want to place multiple bets? Just repeat the process for each additional wager you want to make.

(2) Placing Your Bet

Before the countdown ends, place your bet by hitting the ‘Place Bet‘ button. If you’re gearing up for real money mode, ensure you’ve deposited the required amount in your Winning Casino account.

Remember to Pick Your Currency for Real Money Play

To play in real money mode, you need to decide on your currency type. After logging in, head to your wallet. Here, you can add your choice of crypto or fiat currencies.

You can make an exchange for your desired currency at Winning Casino. Or, if you’ve got a wallet in that currency already, just pick it. Once set, click on the crash game you’re eager to play.

That being said, you can play bitcoin crash games, altcoin crash games, or even in euros or Dollars. Regardless of your chosen currency, the mechanics and RTP of a crash game do not change.

(3) Setting Up Features

If you think of using extra features like autoplay or auto cash out, now’s the time to activate them. Make sure you turn them on before a round kicks off. Once set, they’ll stick around for several rounds, based on what you prefer.

(4) Watching the Multiplier

As the round begins, an object (like a rocket or spacecraft) starts its ascent. This symbolises the multiplier’s rise. Each round lasts just one or two seconds. However, some rounds might stretch to a couple of minutes.

The length hinges on the multiplier’s peak before it crashes.

To win you need to cash out before the multiplier crashes. If you fail to cash out in time, you lose your bet. So, each round is simply a race against the clock.

To calculate your potential winnings for each round here’s a quick formula:

Your Bet (like €0.20) x the Multiplier at cash-out (say, 2.50x) = your Winnings (in this case, €0.50).

(5) Preparing for the Next Round

At the end of each round, a fresh countdown kicks off. It’s that simple. And after a few rounds, you’ll have a solid grasp of how to play crypto crash games. Now that you’ve got the basics down, let us demonstrate the game components.

Crypto Crash Game Components

Aviator casino game graph

The playing field at the screen’s center is a graph with two axes. The vertical axis tracks the multiplier, while the horizontal shows time in seconds. As a round fires up, an object (maybe a spaceship or rocket) launches at 0.0x. This object ascends, peaking at some random moment.

Right in the middle of your screen, you’ll see the multiplier climbing. Below that? A tally of bets other players have dropped. As players begin to cash out, this number dwindles.

The game’s left side usually flaunts a live chart. It showcases player names and real-time bets, and as they cash out, bet amounts flip to winnings.

On the right side, there’s a live chat where you can talk and socialize with fellow online gamblers.

Furthermore, there are handy tools like the help and settings sections. Spot that (i) icon at the bottom? Click it to unearth specific game rules, betting options, and some useful crash game strategies.

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Crash Game Features

Crash stands out as a simple game. Unlike feature-packed slots like Megaways or Bonus Buy, its charm lies in its simplicity. But it still has a handful of useful features. These aren’t just bells and whistles; they’re tools you can use to boost your odds and minimise losses.

Standard Features to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

  • Auto Bet and Auto Play: This feature automates your betting process. Just set it up, and it places bets before each round kicks off. Decide how many rounds you want it to run, and you’re good to go.
  • Multiple Bets: Feel like upping the ante? With this feature, you can lay down more than one bet in a single round.
  • Auto Cashout: It automatically cashes out when the multiplier hits a certain number.

Exclusive Features at Winning Casino

If you’re looking for something more exclusive, check out the Lumbo Rush Win Chase. This is Winning Casino’s gift to Crash enthusiasts. Dive into tasks, and if luck’s on your side, you could win up to 50 free spins.

Wrapping Up

By now, you’ve got a solid grasp on how to play crypto crash games. Crash is a game of simplicity, speed, and pure adrenaline. Thus there’s barely any learning curve. Above all, the online casino community absolutely adores this type of game.

Although the multiplier is completely random. Thus, you may see the rocket or spacecraft reaching x2 or x50. But, when to cash out is fully in your hands, and no house edge can affect that part of gameplay.

Feeling intrigued but want to dig a bit deeper? Check out our guide, packed with tips and tricks for crash gambling strategies.

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Do I need to open an account to play real money crypto crash games?

Yes, you do. Simply open an account at Winning Casino by filling out a registration form. After verifying your account, make your first deposit and get our welcome bonus. Voila, you’re ready to start playing.

Can I win real money with crypto crash games?

Absolutely, yes. You can win a good sum. But remember, like all games of chance, luck plays a big part. Your winnings vary based on many factors.

What is the betting range in crypto crash games?

Typically, you can bet as low as μ₿20 or as high as μ₿2,000.

What crypto crash game is good to start playing?

Aviator is a great crypto crash game for beginners. It’s easy to understand and very popular worldwide. Aviator offers simple gameplay and exciting rewards, perfect for new players.

Luck or strategy: What drives Crash Games?

Crash games are pure games of chance. Outcomes are random, thanks to the provably fair system and RNGs. But with keen observation, solid bankroll management, and smart use of features, you can up your winning chances.

What is a realistic way to earn money in a crash gambling game?

A realistic way to earn money in crash gambling games is to cash out early. This reduces the risk of losing your bet. Start with small bets and gradually increase as you gain confidence.